Youth Programs

After School Program partners

DEILAB (pronounced day-lab) has a mission to change children’s perceptions about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to prepare them for technological advances in the next century. Our purpose is simple; to provide a STEM education track that inspires students from Pre-Kindergarten into Careers.

DEILAB teaches the “why” of the build and the “how” of innovation.

Robotics: Vex IQ robotics

Instructor: Jomo King

Thursdays 4pm-6pm

Grades 6, 7, 8

Lego Engineering

Instructor: Jomo King

Tuesdays 4pm-6pm

Grades K-5

Onward Steam program

Onward is a STEAM based academy brought to your community by Boston Public School Educators who see a need for opportunities for our youth. Students who participate in this academy will gain skill sets collegiate students are learning, actively develop ways to build their community, and allow students to become employable from a young age. Onward is simply a door, allowing our community’s youth to choose and determine their trajectory through life. Let’s push our community Onward together. 

Class Offering 

Cost: $200 for 8 week course

Web Development 

Audience – 9th – 12th grade students 

Time- First 8 week session

Monday & Wednesday 5 – 7PM 

Semantically structured HTML, CSS , and JavaScript. The fundamentals of web development as well as UX/UI web design. Design and build a series of web pages and web applications. Build a portfolio of websites, mobile apps, and video games.

 Scratch Coding – Game design 

Audience – 1st – 5th grade students 

Time-  TDB 

In this course students will learn how to create games within the Scratch coding environment. Students will learn the fundamental concepts of programming, that transfer into all programming languages. more =These concepts will propel all students into understanding how to read others’ code, build ideas of their own, and incorporate ideas from the community to push programs to the next level.