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Dear Friends and Supporters,

The South End Technology Center @ Tent City appreciates the generosity of individuals and organizations in the community, like you, to support the many individuals who have benefited from the services and resources we offer.

While industry is recruiting skilled workers from overseas to fill STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) positions, at South End Technology Center @ Tent City (SETC) we have a long-term commitment to increasing the capacity of our own young people to excel in these careers.  Since 2002, our Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn Program has exposed over 3,000 of Boston’s youth in underserved communities to STEM and has established a STEM pipeline that extends from elementary school through college. 

Last summer, in our 13th year, thanks to the generosity of our friends and supporters, SETC was able to sponsor 32 teenaged youth in the program.

Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn is a socially and educationally unique initiative, which is nationally recognized as an “exemplar” STEM program by Change the Equation, a consortium of high tech corporations and their independent evaluators.  Our youth teachers receive hands-on training with some of the latest engineering and technology education tools.  Last year’s youth teachers taught their newly acquired skills to over 600 youth, 8-13 years of age, at more than 20 community organizations throughout Boston. 

Partnering with MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group, High Low Technology Group, and the Center for Bits and Atoms, we provide a multi-layer mentoring approach that creates a strong engineering and technology skill foundation for youth. The approach re-enforces what they have already learned

Under the guidance of college mentors (former youth teachers now studying STEM), new youth teachers learn five different technologies on Saturdays from April through June, dividing their time between SETC and the MIT Media Lab.  For the first three weeks of the summer the youth teachers work in small groups, using their new technical skills to design and build projects of practical use to their community.  and empowers them to take an active role in other youths’ learning.

In the last three weeks of the program they teach exciting fun activities – using STEM skills – to middle school children throughout the city. Our youth teachers also find unique ways to communicate a belief that all our children can excel in science and technology courses.  For example, here is an excerpt of a rap written by a youth teacher:

On the last day of the summer session, at the Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn Project Expo, the youth teachers demonstrate their community projects.
(You are invited to come!)

This spring we received a flurry of applications for 32 youth teacher positions which we would like to expand with your support.  We fill these positions in order to continue to spread science, technology, engineering and math knowledge to yet another generation of young people. To do that we urgently need your financial support.

Here are some examples of the positive impact that your donation can have:

$8 for ONE hour’s pay for a Youth Teacher

$40 for ONE day’s pay for a Youth Teacher

$75 for ONE day’s pay for a College Mentor (former youth teacher now studying science, technology, engineering or math as an undergraduate)

$160 for ONE week’s pay for a New Youth teacher

$540 for ONE Science, Technology Engineering and Math Camp with 9 activities at a Boston community organization

$960 for ONE summer’s pay for a New Youth Teacher

$1,800 for ONE College Mentor’s pay for planning and coordinating one summer

$10,000 for ONE team of 6 youth teachers’ pay for Learning, Building & Teaching from April – August

Our program is only as strong as its supporters. Your continued contributions to our efforts will keep technology accessible to everyone.  Please support us by contributing as generously as you can.

You can send a check payable to: 

South End Technology Center @ Tent City, 359 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116, or click on the donate link below. (We have partnered with the Joyce A and James R Reed Charitable Trust, Inc. as our fiscal sponsor for receiving online donations.)

In Solidarity,

Mel King